White Donut Productions 

Our production company is equipped with professional  videographers, photographers, editors , & licensed drone pilots to help capture and create any type of event. Myself (Dylan Maras) and Tom Nguyen have ran the the Donut since the start. We work with local and international freelancers to help take on bigger productions. Feel free to contact us on approval of any of the freelancers that may have referenced our company.  985-630-2618  

We have experience in creating promotional videos , documentaries, films, photography packages, weddings, real estate content, ect.. Make sure to check out our film collection & photography to see our diversity of work with previous clients, as well as our own art.

We can always reference you to our local Freelancers whom are vary talented individuals that make the donut roll.

We also create our own bodies of work. One short documentary called

"The Last Islands"..this film represents our personal art & passion with filmmaking and being apart of the donut. 

Thanks for reading into us! Not many people read these days


White Donut Productions


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